Russell Peters is Toronto’s first Global Ambassador


Toronto comedian Russell Peters has been named Toronto’s first global ambassador. President and CEO of Tourism Toronto, David Whitaker, made the announcement this afternoon at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

I noted the a few days ago that the city should utilize it’s diversity as a potential selling point to the world, and they have moved in that direction by partnering with Peters, a comedian who has hoards of fans across the world spanning just about every culture out there. He has sold out theatres across North America and England, as well as performed sold out tours of China, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Jamaica, Trinidad, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

“Toronto is one of the only cities a Black, an Asian, an Indian, gay, straight, Italian, Portuguese, a Jewish or Muslim person can walk into a bar without a punch line happening after”, notes Peters. “That’s just what Toronto is.”

Mr. Whitaker of Toronto Tourism is also thrilled Peters has formed this partnership, but would not answer the questions surrounding compensation to Peters for the alliance. Both him and Peters noted the sum is just to cover traveling expenses, and Whitaker commented it has does not come out of the public wallet.

“In our business we compete literally with the entire world”, noted Whitaker. “Russell can help us break through the noise and reveal the true personality of Toronto—the diverse, cosmopolitan experiences that make it such a tremendous place to live, work and visit--Russell has demonstrated that sometimes the best way to bring people together is by laughing.”

If you look at the city as a brand that you want to catch the attention of the world with, Peters is an appealing ambassador. If you currently asked a bunch of people if Toronto as a person, what kind of person it would be, the answer might be kind of murky. But with a persona like Peters behind it and ask the question, the city becomes a hilarious, diverse, fun and entertaining person you want to hang out with.


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