Toronto Gets Some TNA - New Store Opens

tna store torontoThe Vancouver-born hip-chick clothing retailer TNA finally makes its way to Toronto. This past weekend, TNA's new flagship store opened at the Eaton Centre. It is their largest store to date and is jam-packed with some of the coolest and most unique threads around.

I've been inside their original store on Granville Street in Vancouver and was really impressed with their eclectic selection. Their clothing and passion for fashion are totally authentic. TNA is definitely a store worth visiting and I'm thrilled they made the trek from Vancouver to Toronto.

tna store toronto

Store address:
220 Yonge Street, Toronto - Map location

Phone: 416-597-9227

Store hours:
Mon-Sat: 9:30am - 9:30pm
Sun: 10pm - 7pm

via TNA Blog

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  1. 1

    Daniella said:

    LOVE THE STORE AND CLOTHES!! ohhh yeah!! i want to get this sweater but my dad hates Aritzia and taking to the TNA store is pratically the same!!

    Posted at 10:42 AM, on March 8 2009
  1. 2

    annbre said:

    My teenage daughter loves the clothes, but I sew and find it is too expensive only buy goods on sale.You never have sales at a good price

    Posted at 11:57 AM, on December 8 2009
  1. 3

    Christina said:

    I have seen the clothing and coming from someone who has worked in retail for almost 5 years,i would have to agree that it is way to expensive.

    Posted at 12:08 PM, on February 10 2010
  1. 4

    francillia said:

    this year i wil try to set a personal record of 20 tna sweaters of different colour s do u think i could do it

    Posted at 11:08 AM, on June 15 2010
  1. 5


    hey rock on love tna

    Posted at 07:03 PM, on August 31 2010

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